Our new nursery is nearly complete, first cuttings will be propagated in February once the irrigation system has been completed.  The nursery has been designed to reuse all water used on the property including any run off from irrigating the potted stock in the two tunnels making it a very green operation!

Photos to come

Nursery in progress!

Corporate Gardens marks the start of another exciting venture in the horticultural world with the introduction of a brand new wholesale nursery in the town of Bodalla in the south coast of New South Wales.  A 20 acre property with rich soils and good rain fall is the start of our new nursery, initially to supply our clients with the best quality plants available at outstanding prices, then further to the public and nurseries.

The first polytunnel and shade house is under construction, the first cuttings will be taken soon after completion and the process will begin. Stay tuned!

Current Project

Corporate Gardens have been in the process of completing a range of Winter landscaping works with a directed focus on construction, holding off planting until the weather warms.  Currently working on a beautiful courtyard construction project with the installation of new paving, timber cladding and an impressive custom built stone backed water feature. An exciting project in a small space with a high quality finish…. photo’s to come.

Prior to this courtyard we had completed a stunning sand stone paving project with views to the lake a great new asset to the client and an enjoyable space to relax as the weather warms.

Upcoming – A major landscaping project in a substantial property in O’Malley, a very exciting opportunity to have a real impact on a large space and create a vibrant colour inspired native landscape.


Our latest landscaping job is about to commence and will form one of the last parts of the huge project to landscape nearly all of the gardens in the Realm Precinct. The current job at 1-5 Sydney Avenue Barton will commence next week, removing an unsuccessful raised garden bed.  Rejuvenating the soil, reinstating the irrigation system, replacing the pebble mulch with an organic mulch in preparation for planting in Spring.

The Spring planting will add colour and foliage contrast to the garden year round and really lift the facade of the building, it will tie in with all of the works already completed at the property and another element we are proud to have landscaped and continue to maintain

Winter In the Garden

While many people believe Winter is a slow time in the garden there are still a huge range of tasks to be completed and a great way to warm up, below is a guide of some of the jobs to be completed over the Winter months

  • Pruning, now is the time to get in your Winter pruning.  Pruning of deciduous plants and trees, removal of diseased and crossed branches, thinning canopies, improving shape and form.  Prune deciduous vines back to their main frame work. Prune roses and hydrangeas at the very end of Winter, even early Spring once the last risk of frost has passed
  • Dividing/Transplanting plants, now is a great time to get in divide crowded perennials or transplant deciduous plants, ensure proper preparation of the soil around the new planting site and mulch heavily once planted
  • Clean up the garden, particularly towards the end of Winter clean up some of those forgotten areas of the garden with a harsh pruning (Species dependent) and thinning, get on top of weeds before they spread and get ahead of the rush to come in Spring. Clean up dropped fruit around fruit trees from your Autumn crop to reduce disease and pests
  • Mulching is a good task for Winter while pruning, mowing etc. slows access can often be easier with less leaves around. Mulch will also help regulate soil temperature reducing cold shock to plants
  • Irrigation, Winter is a great time to really service your irrigation system, flush drip lines, service and adjust sprinkler heads and don’t forget to reduce your watering
  • Frost Damage, if any of your plants are damaged by frost hold off removing the damaged foliage until the last frost has passed, pruning will encourage new shoots which will be even more susceptible to another frost.
  • Flowers, Winter is a great time to get some colour into the garden when it needs it the most, visit your local nursery there are many exotics and natives that flower through winter that will help lift your garden. Planning year round flowering can be difficult, the simplest way for the home gardener….  Visit your local nursery every month throughout the year, each month buy one plant in flower, do this for a full year and you will have flowers year round.
  • Veggies, don’t forget your Winter Vegetables, members of the brassica and allium family’s or plant a green manure crop to get your beds ready for Spring

Corporate Gardens Blog

Welcome to Corporate Gardens blog, we have launched the blog to keep our clients up to date with seasonal changes, innovations in the industry and company and general gardening advice and products.

Feel free to come back anytime to expand your gardening and landscaping knowledge